by ~ October 7th, 2010

Thursday 7 October, weather been overcast and reasonably warm looks like we will miss the rain. Mountains hidden today but sea is calm but is still dirty no good for diving but may clear over the weekend. Hope to get our craypots in the water tomorrow and be harvesting by saturday weather permitting. Motel half full at present after a good couple of days averages 75% occupancy which is great for this time of year. Whales in the bay again today so everyone going on whale watch is seeing a few. Seal swim started again this week seems to be a few partaking. Elections this weekend and our current mayor is not seeking re-election so interesting times ahead but the Green Globe Policy is not in danger.

Sat 2 October

by ~ October 1st, 2010

Stunning morning today with no breeze and the sun is well and truly up. The sea is dead calm just like a lake and not a cloud in the shy so the mountains have a slight bluish tinge and the remaining snow gives a great view. Fairly quiet last night considering our motel is only a couple of hundred yards from the Big Top but today 3000 people will arrive at the venue hungry and thirsty.

October First

by ~ October 1st, 2010

Lovely day in Kaikoura with some snow on the tops. Seafest this weekend and all accommodation is fully booked. 1100 going to the Big Bash tonite and 3000 to the seafest tomorrow.

New Website Launched!

by ~ June 16th, 2009

Welcome to our new website!